How To Save Battery On S6

The s6 has its battery built in, therefore, you won’t be able to replace your battery if it runs out, that’s why we have come up with the smart 5 ways to minimise battery consumption.


Firstly, you should ensure the chargers Amps matches the mobile phone’s set requirement- the s6 requires 1.6amps. This will speed up the battery uptake.


Secondly, one should always avoid leaving the phone to charge over night. This may cause the phone to overheat, which can possibly result in unexpected phone explosion.


Thirdly, you should turn off your location if it is not being used. GPS requires a lot of battery and thus will drain your battery. Likewise with YouTube and Google maps – minimise the use of such apps.


Fourthly, you should put the phone on savers mode, which will help reduce the mobile phone’s battery consumption. It’s wise to have this function on when the phone is not being fully used, perhaps when you’re in the gym.

Lastly, Keep the brightness level to a minimum and close any background apps, which will use up your battery even though you’re not actually using it.

You will see an outstanding result in your battery life if successfully applied- tips applicable to all smart phones.

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How To Earn Cash From Your Old Phone.

Are you sick of your mobile phone? Or maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to a new brand. Question is what to do with your current phone? Don’t bin it,MC recycle it!

MC recycle is an emerging and fast growing company who buy old and unwanted mobile phones in exchange for money. This is a smart way to satisfy different parties in society. Not only will you be receiving cash for your phone, you will also be saving the environment! How? Well, mobile phones contain strong intoxicants which if dumped can contaminated the soil in which we grow our food on. This will eventually enter the food chain cycle and cause many unintended consequences and health problems not to animals only but us humans too!


You will also directly benefit from this with a payment of a satisfying amount. MC recycle made the process of you receiving your cash very simple! A prepaid envelope will be sent out to you to pack your mobile phone with a unique tracking ID- all free of charge! MC Recycle also offer a same day payment service which speed up the process of you receiving your money. Regular updates will be given to you through email or telephone- should you prefer to be contacted that way. That is not all! Even if you change your mind about selling your phone, we will send it back on a first class delivery service right away! This is Why MC Recycle Customers have rated they cok[pany 5* Stars on independent reveiws website So what are you waiting for? MC recycle your phone today!

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Should You Buy Cheap Chinese Phones?

Are cheap Chinese mobile phones worth buying? With the internet, sellers are able to reach a wider platform of buyers, they are also able to spread risks of offering faulty phones for sale. Unbranded Chinese mobile phones can now be easily found online for an extremely cheap price.

However, there are a lot of issues related to these phones. The life cycle of the mobile phone does not seem to exceed a year or perhaps less depending on quality of the phones. This is because the software initially used to set up the mobile phone is not authentic. It is instead a cheaper copy of the original software. Once the mobile phone’s life cycle expires, you will not be able to able to recover important data you had previously saved on the mobile phone. Repair will also be difficult due to the lack of availability of the parts originally used to build the phone. Specs posted on their website may not also be accurate.


However, this does not mean Chinese mobile phone companies are unreliable. There are leading Chinese mobile phone companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, ZTE, Huawei which are all doing very well in the market, it is only the unbranded Chinese mobile phones that you should be cautious of.

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What Is the iPad Cellular?

Cellular (4G) is a function found on the latest iPad that allows it to connect to Network using a data sim card, for data transmission. Unlike the wifi iPad, that allows transmission of data only in an area with wifi connection, the cellular iPad is able to allow internet connection wherever you are; on a motorway or even in a area with limited/no wifi connection. Cellular data can be provided using a 4G or 3G speed, depending on your preference. 4G is short for the fourth generation network type, which is about ten times faster than the previous third generation’s network speed. Some customers assume because Cellular iPad takes sim card, they believe that it can make and receive calls. This is not case with iPads as it is only design for data transmission but you can use apps such as skype , Viber and built in feature such as FaceTime to make call over internet connection.


Contract Free Mobile Deals.

Why not save a lot by amending your monthly contract to a sim only plan and purchase a refurbished mobile phone in an excellent condition for a cheap price.

By not adding a mobile phone in your contract deal, you will be able to find a sim only plan for as little as £10 a month, while, with mobile phone will result in you paying £50 per month! You can purchase the latest models for a an unbelievably low price. This is the best resolution to avoid any unexpected bills from being in a contract deal with a mobile phone company. You will be able to avoid any hassle of sorting out wrong charges, its best for you to make a payment at once!

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Trick To Turn Your Faulty Phone On!

If your iPhone turns completely off and not switch on, without previous damage record- it is possible that it is a software glitch. Follow the instructions below to resolve the problem.

* Ensure the mobile phone is sufficiently charged by leaving it in the charger for couple of hours

* Hold the sleep/ power button and the home button simultaneously * You will see the apple logo, then let go Your mobile phone should then turn on and start working fine.

This issue is commonly found on iPhones. If the instructions above does not resolve the issue and the problem persists, seek help from a mobile phone technician.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7, is an upgrade worth it?

Below is a comparison of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, which will suggest if it is really worth upgrading to the more recent model.

Design The antenna strips that was on the back of the iPhone 6s has now been moved to the top on the iPhone 7 for a more presentable look. The colour of the antenna differs according to the colour of the iPhone 7. The change in the antenna position does not seem to affect the connection speed.


The headphone jack on the iPhone 6s has been scraped; headphones must be wireless in order to connect or you have the option of connecting using a lightning port- which will be provided in the iPhone 7 package. The iPhone 7 will come in the previous colours of the 6s- gold, silver and rose gold. Alongside these colours, apple has introduced the two new colours- matte black and a super glossy jet black colour- which has a risk of “micro abrasion”, meaning the phone is highly delicate and can easily get scratches. However, this comes with the waterproof feature, unlike previous apple mobile phones.

One of biggest improvements apple has made to their new launch is the camera quality. The bump on the rear camera has been extended and refined for a better camera quality. Customers seem to be unhappy with this change. They complain that the mobile phone fails to lay on a flat service evenly. On the iPhone 7, the back camera is 12 megapixel, whereas the front camera is 7 megapixels. The iPhone 7’s thickness has remained the same as the iPhone 6s, at 7.1mm. When looked at weights the iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams, which is less than the iPhone 6s’ weight of 143 grams. So the later model is lighter.


Review: Generally, customers find the new iPhone 7 a disappointment. They expected more from apple, who never failed to impress their customers with jaw dropping features (e.g when the fingerprint feature was introduced) . According to some customers, they argue the design of the new iPhone 7 to have been greatly similar to the previous 3 models released by apple. Others seemed to be more concerned about the battery life, which showed no improvements from the 6s. However, customers appreciate the water resistance feature and the doubled internal memory capacity.


Samsung vs iphone Apple customers growingly seem to be fascinated by the Samsung 7 edge, with some actually considering to change to an android mobile phone for the first time ever! They regard the s7 edge to be “cool”, which worries apple. iPhone 7 sales has been considerably slower than previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s phones, possibly because of the new feature designs not reaching expectations. Apple’s market share is currently almost half of Samsung’s market share. For apple to catch up, they need to strongly reconsider what features to include in their future launches.