Understanding Mobile Data& Mobile Memories

Finding it difficult to comprehend what megabytes mean? This article will give you a  big basic understanding of how data usage really works.

To begin with, it is useful to understand how the 3 main measurements of data interlink. 1024 kilobyteis is equivalent to 1megabytes; 1024megabytes makes up 1 gigabyte.

Data plans differ for all, depending on your contract agreement. The most popular mobile data packages are 1GB, 2GB and 5GB., but what does this mean?

 In actual terms, one whatsapp message will use up 30kilobytes, therefore, 1GB will allow you to send approximately 34,953 messages on whatsapp. Listening to your regular music track, will use up around 4MG, whereas, One hour on Facebook, will use up 20 MG! – what if you run out internet data?

If you run out of data, some network companies may charge you for the beyond data usage, whilst others may block off internet access until the following month. If it is the former, you should keep a close eye on your data usage. Numerous apps can be found that keep track of your data usage and notify you.

Note, heavy users, such as those using youtube regularly, downloading apps and using google maps, should consider get 5GB or above. Less heavy users, such as those that send regular emails, use social networks and casual browsing should find 2GB to be well more than enough for them.

What about mobile phone memory GB? How does that differ?

The capacity available on your mobile phone is limited. Mobile phones come with different memory capacities, which can confuse many. How much do you really need is the question.

Well, it all depends on the amount of pictures you take, apps you download, reading materials you have installed, music you have downloaded and many other things.

On estimate, 1GB memory can hold about 256 photos, therefore, 16GB memory can hold 4096photos; 128GB can hold 32768 photos. To make things easier, if you take 10 photos every day, you will use just around 16GB over an annual period.  When it comes to music, 1GB will approximately give you 200songs, given that each song is four minutes long.

It is useful knowing memory that comes with a mobile phone is likely to exclude the about of memory the software takes up. For example, a 32GB mobile phone will usually have 8GB occupied with software system, leaving you with 30GB to use in real terms.


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